Ultimate Blogging System

…so I,ve been scheming on a way to create my blog entries in one place and have that feed to all blog sites. ping fm … Read More->

2D space shooter

3D Character from nothing to fully animated and playable in a couple of hours

———————————————————————————————————- Blog Post about it: Its absolutely amazing what I was able to accomplish in just a few hours using tools from Mixamo.com and the … Read More->

iSensorii: Codename Nomad

  Instructions: Use the arrows keys to spin around the scene and affect the speed and pitch of the audio and the space bar starts … Read More->

Skellies and Jellies

So as I was doing some example projects to teach myself the #Mecanim animation system within Unity, I decided to make a quick game. This … Read More->


Interactive Visual Experience Use the arrow keys to rotate the forms and 1,2,3,4 to change background colors. (must have Unity3D plugin installed) ————————————- This video shows one version … Read More->

Instantiating Prefabs w/Physics +Ambient Occlusion

So this is my first test with using physics and instantiating prefabs in the unity gaming engine. Love the results so far!! This is just … Read More->


This is a quick sneek preview of part of my installation thats going to be on exhibit for six months at the Dallas Museum of … Read More->

Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag!

So I decided to investigate different rendering platforms, and after purchasing the indie pack from Allegorithmic which contains Substance Designer and Substance Painter, I decided … Read More->

3D controlled interactive environment

My final project of my Advanced New Media class @ U.N.T. and my first attempt at Game Development. (circa 2008) 1. Input Device- settled for … Read More->

Vortex Clicker

Project Detail: After watching and following along to the WalkerBoyStudio Lab 1 project. I created a pretty decent “Clicker”  or  “whack-a-mole” style game. I completed all … Read More->

“DinoTech”-GameDev contest idea

So I decided to enter a big gamedesign competition..  The competition was created by some of my favorite GameDevelopers tool/+tutorial makers the TornadoTwins!  So the … Read More->

Screenshot buddy

I created this application(Mac only) using apple script. Its designed to let you set which filetype your system uses for taking screenshots with command+shift+3(or 4) … Read More->

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